8 Tips To Increase Bittorrent Download Speed

Since the creation Bit torrent the process of downloading movies, videos or any files has become so much easier and simpler. This communication protocol is now one of the best of its type. But you know, it is amusing and loved only when the downloading speed is fast. Let’s face it, we are a part of the generation where we love it when things happen at the click of the button. Who likes to wait and be patient? Sometimes, bit torrent might be a problem due to the slow speed. The speed problem will now be solved if you pay heed to the following tips.

tips to Increase Bittorrent Download Speed

Tips To Increase Bittorrent Download Speed

There can be several reasons for the speed to get reduce. The following tips will surely help in increasing the speed:

  1. Unblocking Bittorrent Client

    Bit torrent is not allowed by the windows firewall to use the internet connection. It is due to by default setting. To increase the pace of downloading all you have to do is unblock the bit torrent application from windows firewall.

    Open the bit torrent application and click on “options” followed by “preference.” You have to tick “add windows firewall exception” in the connection tab.

  2. Configuration Of DNS Server

    Some of the fast DNS servers are: Google Public DNS ( and and OpenDNS server ( and The computer automatically assigns the DNS server while connecting to the internet. Check the DNS server and then change it to the either of two.

  3. Healthy Torrent Files

    There are always a lot of results shown when you search for a torrent for movies or software. The best torrent would be the one which has been recently uploaded and has maximum number of seeds and minimum number of leech. Select the file which is healthy and does not contribute to the low downloading speed.

  4. Bittorrent Client Selection

    There are almost 51 amazing and famous torrent clients listed by Wikipedia. After carrying out the research work and observing even the minutest details, select the best torrent client which would work for the operation.

  5. Internet Connection

    The very basic and primary requirement for having a faster downloading speed is to have a strong and fast internet connection. If the internet connection is slow, the downloading speed will automatically fall.

  6. Multi Torrent Working

    It is very much possible that you have more than one torrent running in your computer system. In this case you will have to either pause other torrents or prioritize the main torrent. You can also upgrade the download limit to unlimited.

  7. Number Of Connections

    Raise the “Global maximum connection” to 150 and “Maximum connections per torrent” to 100. “Uploads slots per torrent” should be 3-5. This will surely boost the speed and make the downloading faster.

  8. Bandwidth Allocation

    The bandwidth allocation of the torrent should be set to “HIGH.” To do this, you will have to perform 2-3 very basic steps. Click right on the torrent that you are downloading. Select “bandwidth allocation” and choose “high.”

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Apart from the above tips, there are some common things which you should do to make sure that the speed never reduce. Never force start the torrent. It would be better to minimize the usage of internet while downloading. Identify the futile processes and end them with the help of task manager. Doing all of this will also increase the speed or at least bring the speed back to the normal one. Follow the tips to increase Bittorrent download speed.

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