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Android Studio Slow

Why Is Android Studio Slow? Tips To Optimize It!

Android Studio is one of the most powerful android based app designing applications. It is a powerful feature rich design environment. Android Studio have lots of features like flexible gradle-based build system, rich layout editor with support for drag and drop design, direct sharing project to GitHub, build various and multiple apk file generator and lot more. Android Studio project files are managed systematically. However on various heavy uses and non –use also it can become very sluggish and slow. There have been various reviews based on its slow performance.

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The reasons could be because of your memory which is not sufficient to run the application or some other reasons babes on the extensions. In this article i will tell you tips on how to increase the speed of your Android Studio and optimize its usage.

speed up Android Studio

Why Is Android Studio Slow? Tips To Optimize It!

One of the main methods to improve your speed is to take a few steps to optimize your build configuration that immediately benefit most Android Studio projects

  • Keep your tools up to date

    There are new build optimizations and features with all new updates and it is necessary to update the important two- Android Studio and SDK tolls and The Android plugin for gradle. You must always take advantages of these new updates.

  • Create a build variant for development

    Most of the configurations that exist in the app ready for release are not necessary in the developmental stages. You could reduce or remove them because it only increases the load and makes the application run slow. So major development keep only those that are necessary for development. The rest you can add on later before the release of the app.

  • Avoid compiling unnecessary resources

    There would be many resources that you do not test at the developmental stage like language and screen density.

  • Use static build configuration values with your debug build

    This can help perform a code swap. If your build configuration requires dynamic properties then isolate them until you use them on the release build variant. Keep your values as static for the developmental stages.

  • Use static dependency versions

    When you declare the dependencies, avoid using ones with a plus sign at the end of it. This will resolve unexpected version updates and its problems.

  • Enable offline mode

    It might be slow because of the slow network connection that you are connected to. So you can use the offline feature for better performance.

  • Enable configuration on demand

    The gradle to know exactly how to build your app it configures all your modules before hand, hence you enable on demand to make it faster and efficient.

  • Create library modules

    Look for the codes i your app that can be converted into an android library module. In this way the system only compiles the modules you modify and cache those outputs for future builds.

  • Create tasks for custom build logic

    If you review and find out that most of the time was spent in configuring projects then look for a code to include a custom gradle task. If your build has a large amount of custom tasks then you can declutter your build by creating custom task classes.

  • Convert images to WebP

    This format for images is better as it compresses better by reducing image size without having to perform build-time compression. It can speed up especially if you use a lot of images.

  • Disable PNG crunching

    If you cannot convert to WebP then keep your PNG images by disabling automatic image compression every time you build your app.

Increase Bittorrent Download Speed

8 Tips To Increase Bittorrent Download Speed

Since the creation Bit torrent the process of downloading movies, videos or any files has become so much easier and simpler. This communication protocol is now one of the best of its type. But you know, it is amusing and loved only when the downloading speed is fast. Let’s face it, we are a part of the generation where we love it when things happen at the click of the button. Who likes to wait and be patient? Sometimes, bit torrent might be a problem due to the slow speed. The speed problem will now be solved if you pay heed to the following tips.

tips to Increase Bittorrent Download Speed

Tips To Increase Bittorrent Download Speed

There can be several reasons for the speed to get reduce. The following tips will surely help in increasing the speed:

  1. Unblocking Bittorrent Client

    Bit torrent is not allowed by the windows firewall to use the internet connection. It is due to by default setting. To increase the pace of downloading all you have to do is unblock the bit torrent application from windows firewall.

    Open the bit torrent application and click on “options” followed by “preference.” You have to tick “add windows firewall exception” in the connection tab.

  2. Configuration Of DNS Server

    Some of the fast DNS servers are: Google Public DNS ( and and OpenDNS server ( and The computer automatically assigns the DNS server while connecting to the internet. Check the DNS server and then change it to the either of two.

  3. Healthy Torrent Files

    There are always a lot of results shown when you search for a torrent for movies or software. The best torrent would be the one which has been recently uploaded and has maximum number of seeds and minimum number of leech. Select the file which is healthy and does not contribute to the low downloading speed.

  4. Bittorrent Client Selection

    There are almost 51 amazing and famous torrent clients listed by Wikipedia. After carrying out the research work and observing even the minutest details, select the best torrent client which would work for the operation.

  5. Internet Connection

    The very basic and primary requirement for having a faster downloading speed is to have a strong and fast internet connection. If the internet connection is slow, the downloading speed will automatically fall.

  6. Multi Torrent Working

    It is very much possible that you have more than one torrent running in your computer system. In this case you will have to either pause other torrents or prioritize the main torrent. You can also upgrade the download limit to unlimited.

  7. Number Of Connections

    Raise the “Global maximum connection” to 150 and “Maximum connections per torrent” to 100. “Uploads slots per torrent” should be 3-5. This will surely boost the speed and make the downloading faster.

  8. Bandwidth Allocation

    The bandwidth allocation of the torrent should be set to “HIGH.” To do this, you will have to perform 2-3 very basic steps. Click right on the torrent that you are downloading. Select “bandwidth allocation” and choose “high.”

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Apart from the above tips, there are some common things which you should do to make sure that the speed never reduce. Never force start the torrent. It would be better to minimize the usage of internet while downloading. Identify the futile processes and end them with the help of task manager. Doing all of this will also increase the speed or at least bring the speed back to the normal one. Follow the tips to increase Bittorrent download speed.

YouTube Alternatives

Top 6 Best YouTube Alternative Sites

Ever thought about trying something different from YouTube for video streaming? Certainly not! But, since YouTube has imposed a lot of restrictions related to various features, it is high time to think about the alternatives. Despite being everyone’s favorite, YouTube has got some tough competitions to rely upon. In case you are looking for something new to ponder upon, then given below are some of the best YouTube alternative sites. Take a look!

YouTube Alternative Sites

Top 6 Best YouTube Alternative Sites

  1. Vimeo

    This is the ultimate choice for anyone who is looking a switch from YouTube. Also, Vimeo was one of the first sites to support high definition video playback. Users can not only play videos but can also upload them. Preferably, high quality videos are uploaded in different categories. The best part about this website is that it no ads in any of the videos at the end or at the starting. Apart from the other amazing features, Vimeo stands out from YouTube because of the collection of TV series it has in its data. The site is extremely easy to browse and can be sorted based on category and channel.Vimeo

  2. Metacafe

    Metacafe website started off in the early 2000s but it has gained popularity these days because people are constantly hunting for YouTube alternatives. This is a source which mainly focuses on marketing quick reviews, short videos, and other tips. You will mostly come across short form of video content through this site, but it is worthy enough. It has a clean browsing interface with videos clearly sorted as popular, trending, and latest. Those who are more choosy about the videos, then a side drop down menu is provided, where you can have the videos segregated into 16 different categories.

  3. The internet archive

    Just like YouTube, the internet archive is a huge library of videos which is available online. It has wide range of collections from hilarious content to serious documentaries. The users are also allowed to upload their content in a suitable category. It may not have all the new and latest videos, but you will surely get genuine content which are not easily available on other websites. Some of the classic TV series of old times are available on this site.
    Internet Archive

  4. DailyMotion

    DailyMotion is one of the best YouTube alternative sites with a whole lot of people looking for unique content on the site. In case your videos are not working out well on YouTube, then niche viewers are amazingly great on this platform. You can upload your content here and its features are a huge plus point for anyone. The interface is not highly advanced or great, but you can call it simple and sober. The website being a tough competitor of YouTube and other similar sites can have better videos as compared to the other sites.

  5. Crackle

    Crackle is undoubtedly one of the alternatives which are owned by Sony Picture Entertainments. This is similar to watching television shows online through various networks. This website has amazing shows in its collection from both recent as well as old times. It also has critically acclaimed web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to its credit.

  6. 9GagTV

    Who is not familiar with entertainment quotient of 9Gag brand? The moment we talk about it, our heart and mind is already expecting something interesting from the brand. How can we not talk about it while looking for a YouTube alternative? It has got amazing memes, GIFs, videos, and pictures. As far as videos are concerned, it can be funnier than any other sections. It has got some of the hilarious contents that you might want to skip in the public. It is not exactly like YouTube, but if you want to get full on entertainment at one place, then this will fit the bill perfectly.